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    Do any of the cheap chargers from ebay work? I know the chargers are supposed to use over 1000 but they never say if they do?
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    I wasted a lot of time and money on chargers thru eBay. But the official Palm charger. The one that looks like this: Palm Vehicle Power Charger for Palm Pre: Cell Phones & Service
    It works. You'll pay a little more, but you'll thank me.
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    Would there be any advantage to using a power inverter and the standard wall plug instead of a car charger?
    It may seem like I am doing nothing, but on a cellular level I'm really quite busy.
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    That should work. Don't see an advantage, except that wall charger with cable is cheaper by half than the official car charger which comes without cable. If you already have the inverter, this is a good, inexpensive solution.
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    If you're looking just for the usb wire, you can get that anywhere, but if you want the official Palm usb wire one...I bought 3 of these wall chargers that come with the usb wire from this ebay seller, and they are the real deal!

    Palm Pre Pixi OEM Wall Home + Travel Charger Micro USB - eBay (item 300379459972 end time Feb-18-10 06:49:59 PST)
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    Buy this one:

    Don't mess with the Palm charger or any others. I tried the Moto and the Palm car chargers and had troubles. This one has been flawless. The touchstone is very sensitive and needs to get enough amperage.
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    sprint charger
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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