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    Palm Pre Touchstone Kit from DELL $29.87, Free Shipping
    Searched but didn't see this posted from Dell. Apologize in advance if this is a repost. Pretty good deal if you ask me

    Here is the link

    CLEARANCE ITEM - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - NO SUBSTITUTIONS "The Touchstone™ Charging Kit is perfect for customers who want to use Touchstone Technology for connectionless charging of their Palm® Pre™ phone. This kit includes both the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock and the Palm Touchstone Back Cover. Note: Charging cable not included. You must use the International Power Charger provided with your Palm Pre. With the Palm Touchstone Charging Dock, you can charge your Palm Pre without connecting a wire directly to the phone.
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    Great deal! Just ordered mine.
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    This is happening because the new pre's will all come with the back cover and the new touchstone kits all come with a usb cable and wall plug. I may buy an extra but cant think of a use for it since i already have 2. Touchstone is the best carmount though.
  4. sko
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    Where do you put it in your car? Will it stick on the dash or the windshield or where?
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    I got mine on the steering column between the dash and wheel, works frigging great! I have a supra dash I am molding and fiberglassing to put in the truck, but threw it there as a temp but have reconsidered because it's just a perfect place for it! Speaker phone works perfect from there too! Even talking on the phone is hard for both me and others to hear on the other end because of the tire hum my truck produces....and the exhaust, and the intake whirl lol
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    yea!! Ordered 3 one for each of us. Will be nice to finally have one Thanks!
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    Have one at home and one in car, think I'll buy a TS charger and keep it in my travel bag. If you guys don't have a TS in your car yet, time to break loose with the cash and get one, well worth it! If you need ideas how to mount them in your car, there is a thread in the accessories forum, check it out, precentral people came up with some great ideas and have some great pics on how they mounted them in their cars.
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    was just coming over here to post this deal myself. I just ordered one for my wife since she got me one for christmas
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    Thanks for the heads up! Just bought 2
  10. sko
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    Yeah I bought 2 and a car charger, now I just need a Pre Plus to go with, lol!
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    Thanks for the repost. Getting in on this deal too
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    is there any way to be shipped in Europe?
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    Nice deal, got 3 myself, 1 for desk, nightstand, car. Going to look further here in the accessories forum to see how others have mounted in the car.
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    Pulled the trigger and puchased a TS for my travel bag (I travel a lot for work) because on my last trip I forgot my TS charger, 4 days without it, not gonna happen again now. Thanks faz for this thread.
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    Does anyone know when this expires?
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    click the link
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    hey thanks! anyone know how well these touchstones work in cold wisconsin weather if I want to put a touchstone in my car? just curious
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    Quote Originally Posted by hdawg5000 View Post
    hey thanks! anyone know how well these touchstones work in cold wisconsin weather if I want to put a touchstone in my car? just curious
    Ive used it in my jeep with -20's in the mornings here in Wyoming. Haven't had any issues.
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    Got a couple myself. Nice find. Wish this was avail around xmas time. Bought my wife a pre and my daughter a pixi. Got them each a TS at full price at the sprit store cause they would not leave without one.
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    wow thanks just ordered 2 one for me and my girl!
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