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    Just saw this deal on slickdeals and bought one.

    Slickdeals Link

    Direct Link to Dell
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    Thanks, OP..ordered 2.
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    beat me to it! great price!
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    +1 grabbed an extra for the office! Thanks OP
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    nice...powermat for $0... too
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    Thanks! Just picked up two in anticipation of my Pre Plus this week.
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    will def pick up next payday, $$$$ a lil tight this week
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    Just ordered two Touchstone kits to go along with the existing one, for $73.57 total (including the expedited shipping option). Great deal, thanks for sharing.
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    Great deal. Thanks for posting it. That's just the price point I needed to finally make the jump to the touchstone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex Pants View Post
    nice...powermat for $0... too
    it needs a new service with a cellphone carrier.
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    Do you have to pay shipping?????

    Free fedex???
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    Do you have to pay shipping?????

    Free fedex???
    free shipping by fedex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    Do you have to pay shipping?????

    Free fedex???
    If you click on Add To Cart it says free shipping by Fedex.

    Sure...someone beat me to it.
  14. #14 is having the same deal. But perhaps they are the same store cause the website is similar.
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    I had to call because I wanted to use a different shipping address. This is painful.
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    Already have one Touchstone back, but it's all beat up from my attempts to put magnets on it (and then having to remove them) when I used it with a case, so for an extra $10 over the back alone, getting an additional Touchstone is pretty awesome.
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    wirefly, dell mobile, best buy mobile online, are all the same company.

    It's why best buy mobile in store would not help me with a purchase online - they claim to not be the same company.
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    In for one just got a confirmation email
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    Good deal...just placed my order. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by rsatmans View Post
    In for one just got a confirmation email
    What kind of confirm email?
    Did you click on the link? Mine says they are reviewing and processing and I ordered at 8am EST? I was hoping they would ship it today but it does not look like they review orders until Monday
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