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    Is there an option to change this?
    "For incoming phone calls, simply pick up the phone from the Charging Dock and it answers automatically, without having to tap the screen."
    I dont want that.

    Are there any patches/ apps that are made for the touchstone that you recommend?
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    No patches to change that. I don't understand what the problem is, just don't answer the call and it will go to voice mail, I mean it is a phone.
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    I guess you dont have it near your bed or friends that call late at night...
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    Well there is an app that is called "batter saver" where you can set times where it automatically puts your Pre into airplane and then in it switches back to standard mode. That should work out fine for you because when in airplane mode you will not recieve calls and text's and email alerts. Mine is set to switch into airplane mode at 11 PM and then at 6 AM it goes back into standard mode.

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