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    I'm currently using a Seidio 2600 but am not too fond with the two-tone case nor the shape of it. Google Images isn't returning any solid results. I'm interested in getting a few profile shots of it so I can get a better feel for the lines of it before I shell out $25 for a cheap piece of plastic. TIA
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    Yeah, I still can't a feel for the true shape of it though. I'm going to try a 2250 mah battery off ebay. I think the shape of the cover will suite me well. I Like the ergonomics of the larger batteries but the Seidio and Amzers are just a tad too bloated and ruin the original's sexy curves. I'm actually pretty happy with my oem battery life so if the ebay one is a dud I'll just stick with it or get a Mugen 1400. The size of a normal Pre is nice and all but I feel like it needs just a little bit more substance to its feel.

    Somebody said this battery was halfway decent so I'm going to give it a shot.

    2250mAh Li-ion Battery w/cover for Palm Pre, Treo Pre - eBay (item 220496639731 end time Feb-14-10 13:34:04 PST)

    Found this link to a review of it:

    From what I can see it looks as though its the same battery.
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