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    Hi All.
    I am a new PRE convert thanks to CES2010. I just couldn't take the plunge until I felt I wasn't joining a died company. I wish Sprint had the Pre Plus, but I am happy with the original. My three complaints, are:
    1. Battery Life.
    2. Crappy USB cover.
    3. Slippery back cover makes it hard to slide out the keyboard.

    I figure I can fix 2 out of 3 with a Touch Stone or the Seidio 2600 battery. Which one would you guys go with? and do you think the extended battery will ever be TouchStone compatible?

    PS. I almost upgraded from my Mogul to a Hero. I just couldn't get over how the Android market is getting all splintered by the different phones. Reminds me to much of WinMobile that I was leaving.
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    I bought the 2600 mah seidio battery. It is a really big jump in capacity over the 1150 stock battery, but still don't expect miraculous changes. If you are coming from the Mogul, the 2600 should last you about the same as the extended batteries on the Mogul (I get around 18-20 hours of full use on a charge).

    I didn't buy a touchstone since I would still be tied to a charger...even if the charger is really cool and spiffy.

    Welcome to WebOS. You will be amazed at home much simpler your life will be after dealing with WinMo.

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    Have a launch day Pre, no problems, rock solid phone. To bad you waited, missed out on all of those months of having an awesome phone. I purchased a TS charger on the same day I got my Pre, you really can't appreciate the convienence of the TS untill you have used one. A few months ago I installed a TS in my car. Between adding tweaks from Preware, Mugen 1400 battery, Palm updates and TS chargers, battery life issues are nonexistent now.
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    Thanks for the responses. After reading several treads I am leaning towards a couple of TS.

    This phone is 1000 percent better then my 3 years old Mogul. Netwrkr9, I would've jumped on the bandwagon at the beginning but the reviews of bad battery and glitchyness reminded me of my Mogul. After seeing continuos improvement from Palm, and the fact it was going to Verizon and AT&T, I felt it would survive and maybe even prosper. The announcements made at CES told me that the Pre was set to make inroads in the Iphone demographic.

    By the way, I think if Palm survives, it is because they are using the same model as Apple. By sticking to 2 devices with gradual improvement to a great idea, they are not getting a fractured development community. I don't know how developers handle all of the different devices that Android and BlackBerry have. I also like how the updates are pushed out by Palm and not Sprint. If they can keep their mistakes to things as small as the Pixi, then they have a bright future.
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    After having the Touchstone and now the 2600 I am going to have to side with the 2600. I had the touchstone for about 4 months and I loved it. At home and in the car....but there is no comparison to being able to NOT have to use the charger at all. Granted the TS is close and convenient but that means you still need to have it on the charger and there for really cannot use the phone. In situations where I would normally be charging, I am now not worrying about it and actually using the phone in my hand instead.

    Plus on top of this the added size, is noticeable but it is in a way pleasant and makes the phone easier to hold and type with. The back cover is very similar to the TS, not quite as grippy but very very close.

    Plus for any long trips at all, I would eat thru the regular battery in an hr or two. Now on this business trip in Italy.....9 hr plan ride, the battery performed great and way outlasted the stock battery I also brought.

    TS is good, but 2600 is better. Without a doubt.
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    You might be able to have the best of both worlds. (If you aren't afraid of a little modifying) I haven't tried it yet, but I plan to. Let me know what ya think.

    It won't let me post a link. Just search for SBURLBAW on the forum. He posted pics on how he did it. Some good ideas from other members as well.

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