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    Is there still not a single Bluetooth external keyboard that will work with the Palm Pre? I know we still don't have Docs2Go yet but I sure would like to see the option of a full size keyboard for doing business emails, etc. Anyone found any that work?
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    I don't think there is one currently, but I would love to see one also.
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    The issue isn't the model of keyboard, it's the profiles supported on the Pre. Keyboards either implement the standard HID bluetooth profile (human interface device) or run a custom protocol to a custom driver across the SPP bluetooth profile (serial port profile). Unfortunately the Pre's bluetooth stack doesn't provide/expose either of these profiles so we're out of luck until Palm changes the bluetooth protocol stack or someone finds a way to swap it out or enhance it. (Which maybe someone on WebOS Internals is working on, I haven't looked...)
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    yep until palm opens up the blutooth it wont happen
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    There is a guy over at Internals looking into creating a nice open source bluetooth stack, I haven't been able to figure out what the current status is but it'd open alot of possibilities.

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