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    Now I'm not sure if my results can be duplicated, but I've seen a marked decrease in charge time if I have my small desk fan pointed right on the phone and touchstone while they're charging.

    The phone usually gets so dang hot when it's on the touchstone, that's what prompted me to try it in the first place. Now that I have, I've noticed a significant bump in my charge-time efficiency. And we all know a cool Pre is a happy Pre
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    lol its in your head. My pre charges in like an hour and half on touchstone with no battery left. The fan wont make it charger faster.
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    Hm well I tried it both ways and with the fan it charges about 15 mins faster than without the fan. Give it a try and see if it works for you...
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    it actually worked for me
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    haha, yes! vindication!

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