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    I plan to purchase a Pre Plus once it comes out, but have been following the Pre ever since its original release date.

    I've been scouring these forums for a definitive answer to the question: "Which skin is the least rubber?" and have yet to come up with a clear consensus. I hope creating a thread devoted to this issue would address this question once and for all.

    So between all of the skins availabe (Invisible Shield, Phantom skinz, Boxwave, etc.), which one best preserves the original feel of the pre? Additionally, which one looks the best?

    I'm not really concerned with the difficulty of putting the skins on since I tend to be adept at these sort of things; I'm oncerned about keeping my Pre as visually appealing as possible.

    If I could get a few answers i'd be very grateful.

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    i used both zagg and phantomskinz.

    phantomskinz is much less rubbery from my point of view
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    I have phantomskinz. It's pretty nice. I've read reviews though, where people say the edges come up after a few months. I wonder if that isn't just user error.
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    The very best screen protector I've found is the Screen Protectors from Radio Shack. It only covers the screen itself and it's fantastic. It has ZERO rubbery feeling at all. They come in a pack of 3 for 10 bucks.
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    I've had Best Skins Ever, Invisible shield, but bought phantom skinz for my pre. It's not rubbery like the other two. I like it a lot. The price isn't as cheap as BSE but you get 2 skins in an order. I'll be buying Phantoms Skinz from now on, very pleased.
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    Another satisfied PS user. I don't see the corners coming up anytime soon but then again I'm using a case. The adhesive seems to have bond extremely well though.
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    yup +1 more for phantom skinz. ive played with a couple skins and the phantom skinz feels the best.
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    Phantom Skinz also has a skin for the Pre Plus ^_^
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    I've used all of the current brands. Bodyguardz is the best product (imo). Phantom Skinz are close. I no longer use BSE. The product is currently subpar imo.

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