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    Ok, I'll be descriptive as possible...

    I've been looking at the Blueant M1. Very nice from what I've read, would seemingly fit what I'm looking for it to do, but might not be the best bet. Mainly I want a bluetooth setup that can be on 24:7, when the Pre is in the room it hooks to it, and uses it for alarm function, pandora, whatever.

    I might sometimes bring it with me places to hook to the Pre or even my laptop, but that's beside the point (laptop that is)

    The Blueant M1 left me with one question, if I leave it on all the time with it plugged in, will it stay on from the power given to it or run the battery down and eventually turn off? The answer I got from Blueant wasn't the one I was entirely looking for, but wasn't bad either. They said it will stay on endlessly, but it will eventually be bad for the battery doing that.

    Does anyone have suggestions to another bluetooth speaker setup? Thoughts on the Blueant M1? Whatever it is I get, I want it to sound good and be able to go decently loud as well...
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    I have a sweet set of Sony speakers. Gottem off amazon for $39 bucks. Nice & loud, very clear. I use them everyday.

    model: SRS- BTM 30
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    Blueant M1,you should buy them
    Its nice to have the freedom to put speakers where ever you like while listening to your phones audio library in high quality.Hope I helped!!
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    Sony speaker SRS-BTM 30, It's a good recommendation.

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