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    With the release of

    KalemSoft - Home

    ( pre's first unrooted NES emu )

    Which i own now and it works amazing, i crash on loading some games, but never playing them. (some games lock up after some button spamming in game) No lag playing though! ( if you run at 320 you get some lag ) but 1x theres no lag.

    Its a new product ill give them a month to fix that junk.

    (they need to add a save feature though! that and if a game controller is available the ability to map keys to it!)

    Anyways has anyone tried using the gamepads that are out there on the pre; or is anyone working on getting one working on the pre?

    MSI BGP100 on the pre would be amazing!

    (I would assume if it doesnt work with the pre a program might be able to be made so it recognizes its bluetooth signal and so it can be mapped to specific keys)

    I will pay some one if there isnt a working one and they can get one to work!
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    If you've ever wanted to use a GamePad to make gaming easier on your PPC, Smartphone, or Symbian S60/UIQ device, this GamePad is perfect for you. Since the GamePad is Bluetooth, you will be able to use it with multiple devices. This is helpful if you use more than one device to play games, or upgrade your devices frequently. The GamePad is very easy to set up as well, so you can game with it almost as soon as you take it out of the package. It fits well in your hands, while keeping the factor of portability. The layout also works well for pretty much any game. The fact that it can also be used for many other tasks on your PDA is also a great bonus.
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    There are a few bluetooth gamepads, but unfortunately the webOS has very limited bluetooth support. There are no developer APIs to make custom drivers, and Palm's own drivers only support a handful of bluetooth devices/operations
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    check this out:
    Welcome to Zeemote
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    With WebOS 2.x supporting HID profiles (and many people now having 2.1), wouldn't it be possible to program support in for Bluetooth gamepads? I'm thinking of controllers like the Wiimote and the PS3 Sixaxis. Or are you (Mr. Robitaille) saying that these APIs don't/won't exist for WebOS 2.x either?

    Here is a link to how Sixaxis support was added to the N900...
    And here is a link to how to use the Wiimote on the N900...

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    Looks like a nice controller, thank you for sharing!!..
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    I really hope to see more done with bluetooth on webos once things settle down on the meta-doctor side of things. I bet webosinternals is planning on updating the snes emulator to support bluetooth controllers, they just seem swamped at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sjsamphex View Post
    check this out:
    Welcome to Zeemote
    Has anyone gotten that to work with more than just the limited devices they list on their site?
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    Any developments with this as of WebOS 3?
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    Once again IŽd like to point to:

    iControlPad - Bluetooth gaming controls for your smartphone

    As far as I know it works with WebOS and and number of emulators
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    Quote Originally Posted by Holliefant View Post
    Once again IŽd like to point to:

    iControlPad - Bluetooth gaming controls for your smartphone

    As far as I know it works with WebOS and and number of emulators
    I can't seem to find a video of this anywhere online. I don't want to buy it until there's some way I can see it working. I'd also love to see it working with my new touchpad
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