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    I've mentioned this before but it's getting worse. Before this update the touchstone was working great. After it, the phone will just randomly stop charging during the middle of the night. For example I put it on the TS at 28% and woke up with the screen dark at 30%. The only way to fix it is to to a reboot. Needless to say this is annoying as hell. Any help?
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    what happens when you charge it without the Touchstone?
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    haven't tried that yet. I'll do that tonight. It's just annoying because being a teen I tend to use my phone alot and the charger cover interferes with the slider because of my seido innocase.
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    perhaps the touchstone back wore out my first one did recently called palm and they had me return my whole kit and get a new one
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    hmm I guess that's possible but I've only had my phone since october.
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    its not age but use that would do it how often do you use the touchstone i used to just leave mine on for whole days
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    I put it on when m in my room listening to pandora or whatever and at night when I charge it up for the next day then take it off in the morning.
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    try charging it with the cable and report back.

    that should help diagnose if its Touchstone or phone related.
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    i had the low battery issue after the 1.3.5. beam down from the mothership and i forgot to remove theme and patches before accepting. the phones are computers right? so whenever a computer detects a problem it will run itself crazy in the background and use a lot of electricity unbeknownst to us humans.

    once i fixed the patch and theme problems using webos quick install the battery stopped draining so fast and charged faster.

    now i have an issue with preware trying to complete its install and the drain-brain problem is back. i'm working on that one right now but it proves to me that i was correct.

    also, the evdo signal is weak in my building so i found if i keep my wi-fi on at home the battery lasts longer because the signal isn't constantly fluctuating and angering "the cloud" gods.
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    ps...also, when the cloud people want you re enter a correct password or something like that they will also suck all the juice from your charging battery

    ----from experience you know...............

    had MOST of the palm lineup at one time or another plus 3 different wireless keyboards. i'm also a mac but i DONT want an iphone. i have been a palm for as long as i've been a mac and they both have/had qualities i need
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    I usually charge my phone on the touchstone when I go to bed. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of then night I see it saying charge at the bottom of the screen and the display goes on which is very bright when the lights are out. Also sometimes when you don't set it just right it will act up similar to what I just said. I just got this touchstone not to long ago.
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    well last night I tested charging with just the cable and it worked like normal. So I don't know what the issue is. So it could either be the touchstone, the touchstone back, or the contacts where the touchstone connects to the phone.
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    Could any patches cause issues with the touchstone?
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    nah I was running patch free and it still happened. Right now all I have is UnthrottleDLManager and Browser Multi-mod
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    Off and on I have had issues charging on the TS since June. For me it would either stop charging or it would appear to reverse charge. However, it was rare.
    Last month I noticed it was not charging correctly in the morning before work so on the way to work I plugged it in using the car charger. It did the exact same thing as it was doing a few moments before on the TS.
    I had to change mine out a little later and I have not noticed this issue since.
    I know the reason I changed mine out was related to dropping it one too many times so perhaps my charging issue was related.
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    yeah my pre has never had a major spill so that's not it. I talked to my dad and he said that it has happened to him a few times too. Oh and I forgot to mention, last week it didn't stop charging one night. I tried to recreate it but I still have the same problem.
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    thats the downside of the new technology of inductive charging. if your touchstone magnet is weak it wont charge the phone. if you leave the phone on a noncharging TS is will slowly drain the battery because its a magnet and its attracted to the ions in the battery. the positive ions obey the magnet and alas the battery dies. its been years since college chem or physics but i think if the battery is being drained my magnetic attraction it will shorten the life of the battery as well.

    i had a 6mo old TS go dead from using it in the truck (i read here that its not recommended and i was unaware) lighter plug and i took it back to sprint in the box and with the receipt from the TS i had just bought a month prior and they didn't question me at all. got a new TS. i hear its a known issue to have some TS's lose their charge fast.

    PS i'm normally not a dishonest person but i'm tired of being cheated and raped by corporate america that doesn't REALLY respect our devotion and reciprocate in kind. I have had a $160/mo family plan for 10 years with sprint(forgot who they were before that. airtouch?) and i'll be damned if i'm going to put up with crappy warranty timeframes just because they merged with nextell the terrible. a $75 TS magnet should hold a charge longer than 6 months. my car battery is that price and its good for 5 years.
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    Mine was so bad I almost returned it with I knew it was a software issue. After the 1.4 update, it no longer reverse charges leaving me with a dead Pre in the morning. The only complaint now about the Touchstone is the clock screen is replaced with the password screen (bright) when fully charged. Since I keep it in the bedroom, it would be nice to have a fix for this. I think it is supposed to be taken care of in 1.4.1 but it's not out on Verizon yet. Wish there was a way for the screen to power down when fully charged but doesn't seem we've reached that level of customization with the power settings yet.
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    did you try installing the brightness adjust patch? mine is in same place as the wifi/BT selectors and i keep it on 13% (cuz i'm weird like that lol) all the time for my night vision cat eyes but it also saves battery and still gives enough light to see all the menus just fine.

    and as a nurse, i can attest, so many people fall in the dark and end up with life altering injuries. a night light is a good thing. try turning the phone to direct the light away from your bed. the triangle angle may make enough difference to you so you can sleep but still have a safely light for emergencies.....

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