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    Hi there
    I got the Motorola H790 yesterday, after reading the stellar review on the site last week.
    I have never had one before, so I just followed the directions to pair it to my phone.
    However, when I place a call, it shows up on people's caller id as "restricted number".
    Does anyone have any advice for me? What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm using the same exact headset and don't have the same issue. I don't see why a bluetooth headset would change anything with what number is being sent out, though. Sorry I can't be much more helpful.
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    confirm first in phone preferences that you did not select "show my caller id" to OFF.otherwise the bluetooth should not change settings for caller id.
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    is this a gsm phone.
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    well, when i did a reset on my phone, it stopped doing it. thanks for the input!!!!

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