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    what's up to the best phone cummunity on the web!! Ok so anyways I was just curious to who here has an extended battery?and which one? And if they like it..I need one bad as I am a heavy user and always charge my battery. Juss to clear this the 3800 is out of the question, itz way to big.
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    The Seidio 2600MaH battery is very nice I got it for Christmas and I love it. My Pre can last a little longer than a day with heavy use and almost 2 full days with moderate use. I actually like having the phone be a little bulkier as well, it makes the phone feel like it is better quality. It isn't too thick either which is nice. The 2600 also comes with the Soft-touch coating on the battery cover which is very nice. It feels like a Treo 755p. I highly recommend it
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    I agree I love my Seido 2600MaH battery easily last 8-12hrs of heavy use, the thickness makes typing on the keyboard easier for me.
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    I have the Seido 2600 and love it. It was worth it to me to give up the use of my touchstone for the extended battery life.
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    I have the 1350mah that fits in stock footprint, I really think it helped get me right to sweet spot of making it all day...

    and still lets me use my touchstone

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