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    This worked great, but I am a little confused. I travel a lot, 150 nights a year in hotels. Last night at a hotel, I was trying to play a game online with my laptop. With the internal Intel wireless adapter, it ran very laggy due to the poor wireless at the hotel. No problem, I carry a solution for that. I disabled the internal adapter, and hooked up my external Alfa 500mw high power USB adapter. (Usually works great, finding 20 or so more signals than my internal laptop adapter)...Even though it found many more signals and hooked up stronger to the hotel wireless signal, there was so much lag that the game was unplayable.

    Here is the rub. I unhooked the external adapter and made sure the internal was still disabled in my laptop. I then established the BT link between my Pre and my laptop with my Pre using the wireless connection from the hotel, the same exact connection both my internal and external wireless adapters were so laggy on. To my surprise, the online game played flawlessly, and continued to do so for over two hours. I was even using Skype at the same time to talk to my buddy to coordinate attacks.

    Why did it work so well on the Pre over BT link which established itself at a max 3Mb/sec, while my laptop adapters stunk, both connecting at 54 MB/sec using the exact same wireless signal? I'm not complaining, just confused.
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    and the problem is
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    No problem, I am very happy with the result. I was wondering why the Pre wireless over BT link to my laptop works better than the internal laptop adapter or the high powered USB adapter. What makes it a better connection? Is there something about the Pre that would make it a higher priority connection to the router at the hotel than my other two laptop adapters? Just trying to understand the "why" of the results.

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