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    Hello all,

    Looking for someone who has a pouch or two (of the sort that comes with every new Pre) and can hook me up, as I seem to have lost mine. I had done diligent research and had hoped to find one at a store, but alas, in NYC of all places, I have been to four different stores and nada. I am tired of dragging all around, especially in the cold, and decided I'd try my luck with the PreCentral community. If anybody can hook me up (I'm of course willing to pay a nominal fee), I'd be ever grateful.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Send me your address and PayPal me a $3 for shipping and I'll send it to ya.
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    Palm Pre Embossed Suede Cleaning Carrying Case / Pouch - eBay (item 290391247689 end time Feb-12-10 15:54:20 PST)

    I bought 3 wall chargers from this seller...all were the real oem that came with Pre.

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