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    I bought a Philips BTM630 Bluetooth Wireless Micro Hi-Fi System with iPod Docking Station for $120 back in September for my 2nd generation iPod and iPod touch. I also bought it because it had Bluetooth so you can talk on the phone (which I donít use at all) but ended up trying it with my PALM PRE. The Bluetooth works and is compatible with the Pre with no issues. The main thing I love about the Philips Stereo is that I can play my music through it via Bluetooth from my phone to the stereo. This works from Pandora, Music Player and YouTube; and pretty sure any other app. So when I get tired of listening from my iPod I can play it from my phone when ever in the bedroom. This stereo does not have a lot of bass but it gets the job done for the bedroom setting not for a living room area. So all in all it gets the job done for the multiple electronics that it can be used for. You can plug in any MP3 player, plays CDs , Docks iPod, plays music via Bluetooth from the PALM PREÖ number one for me. I havenít listened to my iPod since I can use can use this feature, oh yeah you can also charge your PALM PRE from it also. It has a USB port on it that will charge the phone and play your music at the same time. Wasnít too expensive for what I needed it for and gets the job done and more. So if you are looking for a small stereo for the bedroom, library, bathroom, office etc this is a nice all in one stereo that works with your PALM PRE.
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    This is what it looks like very slick look
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