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    When making or receiving calls on my Bluetooth, the audio is extremely choppy to the point that I will miss every few words. I haven't noticed any other problems, but I was in denial about this issue for a couple of weeks, so I may have missed it. Has anyone else noticed the return of this issue that was corrected in webOS update 1.2.x?

    I decided to start a new thread concerning this issue since it really is a new problem in 1.3.x versions of the webOS. I logged the problem with Palm over on their support thread here...

    Re: Bluetooth Related Issues with Car kits regarding webOS post - Bluetooth & WiFi - Palm Support Community
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    Well, here is the response from Palm. I should say, the form button that the support user hits to add this to the software tracking system.

    "Palm has logged this in its software issue tracking system. We endeavor
    to continuously improve our software quality and thank you for bringing
    this to our attention. We are grateful to the community and will
    evaluate options based on customer feedback and software best practices."

    So it is either in a black hole or will be worked on. Either way, I am not holding my breath.
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    At the prompting of bd5times, over on this tread... I did the following...

    After deleting the pairing for my phone from the list of paired devices on my car's bluetooth display and then re-adding the pre to the pairing list, the problem is now corrected.

    I am not sure if it is related, but the car-kit had at some point generated a second pairing for the pre. I deleted both.

    For me, this issue is resolved and I have updated the Palm support web site listed above

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