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    hey i just hacked together another frivolous attachment for my phone but i thought all the fine people at precentral might enjoy it. i made a new version of my previous macro lense mount now with magnets so it attaches to the touchstone.

    my pre macro lense - a set on Flickr
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    wow. thats awesome. What lenses are you using? from a DVD player, or bought just the lense? Im curious because id like to attempt something similar to what you have done.
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    Good job, love the suction-cup on your first model lol

    Do you think you"ll need to cut out a section for the speaker?

    I'll be trying this ASAP, thanks!
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    And you'll start making them to sell.... when?
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    hmm, makes the idea of a barcode scanner app possible?
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    sorry it took so long to get back to you but i am on vacation. at the moment the size of the plate doesnīt seem to negativly affect the speaker, although i only use it for the camera so the speaker isnīt a priority. I pulled 3 useable lenses out of an old digital camera i had lying around, one is in my first attempt which now resides with my friends iphone.

    if anyone wants one and doesnīt have the means to make it themselves please feel free to contact me and i am sure i could maybe make you one.

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