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    I am anxiously awaiting the release of the Pre Plus on Verizon so that I can get rid of this b*stard Droid Eris phone.

    My question is, I have always used screen protectors on my phones. Do I need to use a screen protector on the Pre or is it pretty scratch resistant?
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    its fairly resistant but a screen protector is a must for most
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    It will scratch but nothing that makes it unusable.

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    Although the front screen is plastic and fairly durable, I would say yes to avoid scratches in the future.

    Invisible Shield is what I would recommend. Since I can't post links yet go to under menu item invisibleSHEILDs and select Palm Pre.

    And check out their video on the scratch test.
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    Yes. But if you keep it in a pocket by itself you shouldn't get deep scratches. But just get the screen protector, for extra support.
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    yes invisibleshield is the way to go, they also have a lifetime warranty as long as you bring the shield back.
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    yes to a screen protector.
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    Yes! ZAGG - InvisibleSHIELD is the best. It is cost the most. And I can tell you that it is Fireman tested. It is always in my left leg front pocket and it get hit, leaned on, and even goes into burning buildings. Like an old Timex. Keeps on ticking. Oh yea it is MY FIRST ONE FROM WEEK ONE!
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    waste of money in my opinion
    I tried invisible shield, best skins and boxwave. After one month I gave up and I have no scratches since july.
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    No. Waste of money if you keep the phone in your pocket like me. I've have had mine since July and still looks good as new. I'm sure it would look like crap with one of those screen protectors like you used to have on my Treo.
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    I don't use one. I've dropped it on asphalt multiple times and there are only a few teensy scratches on the screen that don't bother me at all. I think a screen protector would bother me for some reason.

    bad picture, I know it's really hard to tell a smudge from a scratch but...
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    yes yes yes ye sy eys eys rb YES! LOL
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    if you're good to your phones i say no.. but if you keep change in the same pocket, put it down on its face, etc etc.. i'd say definitely

    i dont want to say its 'easy' to get scratches on the screen, tho you do need to take care of it. i had one of those reflective mirror looking screen protectors for a while, i actually liked it a lot.. got a new pre, dropped the protector mid swap and ruined it lol (everything sticks to it)
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    InvisibleSHIELD is the way to go. I paid to have it installed. The guy did it twice because he goofed it up the first time. I was at Best Buy at Mall of America around the first of Dec. It is still perfect and I highly recommend it.
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    I'm a heavy user & in construction industry. Used body guardz all summer and fall and they saved me 1 or 2 scratches. Got replacement and never put them back on. Been 2 months and no scratches. If you are carefull (no change, keys, etc.) go naked! I like it better w/o, plus the phone looks nicer. I have the 2600 battery and the back cover now has some grip...which is my biggest issue. Stock pre is SUPER slick.
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    Don't do invisishield, it looks terrible quick and give the phone a rubbery feeling, and slight loss of touch. Go Robinhood naked Orange and Black leather pouch.
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    I use phantom skinz - LOVE it... can't tell it is on and love the look and feel of it

    Between the skinz on the front and my touchstone back cover - I have zero need for a case!
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    IMO, no.

    Cell phone screen protectors AND protective skins like the innocase are a gimmick.

    The pre, like all phones, is designed to be carried in your pocket or purse and used constantly.

    It's going to get scratched abd scraped over time whether you use a protector or not.

    The only difference is that with a protector it will get scratched and ugly faster, but the protector can be replaced.

    That means your options are a scratched up phone, or an equally scratched up screen protector that you keep paying to replace.

    and before anybody says, "yeah, but I have a brand X screen protector and there's not a scratch on it," the answer is that if you take that much care with your phone, it still wouldn't be scratched without it.
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    I got some protectors for mine the day i bought it and they are flawless quality, hard plastic, i got a bubble or two but its barely noticable, and they have less friction with my fingers than the screen does alone. I'm not sure what brand i got, but if you pick the right ones, they can work pretty well for you.
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    Get one. All it takes is one nasty scratch and you'll be kicking yourself for not spending the $15.

    Forget any of those ones that have to be professionally installed or require near perfect application like Invisi-shield or Zagg. They give a false sense of security anyway since you still need a case to absorb the impact against the times you accidentally bounce it off the pavement.

    Nu-Shield makes a great screen protector which can be peeled off for cleaning, is completely re-usable and is easy enough to install even a caveman can do it.

    EDIT: After 4 months the Nu-Shield wore down and had to be replaced. I do NOT recommend.
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