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    Phantom Skinz. It's almost like going raw.
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    We are going to need a new design for the Pre Plus since it does not have a center button. Has anyone heard when Invisibleshield will have a protector for the Plus?
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    What does going raw mean?
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    Dropped Pre on gravel- phone works fine but now with big scratch on screen. I now have screen protector- wish I had it earlier.
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    I have a 24 hour pre that looks like it is about two months old. came out of the box with ever so slight oreo (I can live with it, I think)...took it to best buy last night, had them put an invisishield on it ($8 install), and today there are at least 4 bubbles that I can see on the screen, making it look scratched up. Should I go back to best buy to have them re-do it?

    Otherwise, loving the pre...
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    Nope. Just keep a pocket clean for your phone. I've dropped mine on pavement a couple of times, but that only resulted in a small scratch on the corners, never on the screen. When snowboarding or cycling, I put the phone in the case it came in, and then in the camelback or snowboard jacket. Normally, it just goes into my cargo pocket in my jeans caseless.

    You can try car wax (not polish) as a fingerprint deterrent and protector too.
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    The problem I had with Invisible shield was
    - The feel of the material was to rubbery
    - The outline is bad, it covers the battery port even with a perfect install so you have to trim a part of it
    - Although you have lifetime warranty it is a hassle to send the old one in for a new one, I don't know if they have changed it but they wanted to charge me 25$ again until they received my old one..

    Phantom skinz is the way to go imo
    - They give you two skinz just in case you do need to send one in for an exchange, that way you can install the new one while the messed up one is being sent back.
    - It feels like nothing is there, you don't get that rubbery feel that you do with Invisible Shield
    - The outline is better, it doesn't cover the battery port.

    I don't know how much they will change this for the pre plus but I like everything about phantomskinz much better, its even cheaper!

    The only advantage zagg has is selling them at mall carts and best buy.

    But even so, Phantom Skinz is an active member of our forum and is always trying to fix issues and unresolved problems, You can always send a pm for anything, coupon codes or an issue
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    knock on on my 4th pre...but this time i didn't use a's been about 4 weeks's still going good...granted i do keep an eye on where and how i handle the pre....
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    I definitely believe invisible shield is the best screen protector out there bar none
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    Quote Originally Posted by luigidk View Post
    What does going raw mean?
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    No skin on mine but I have scratches. Can anyone recommend a good scratch remover?
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    +1 for a pre screen protector, I just saw one w/out. AH! very scratched from "key's pocket"
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    Quote Originally Posted by rainking View Post
    No skin on mine but I have scratches. Can anyone recommend a good scratch remover?
    Old school toothpaste not the gel type, mixed with mouth waste etc. Just plain old Crest or Colgate.

    But I warn you now I did this and it does remove scratches as well as the coating they put on the screen so it does effect how the phone feels(more grippe finger would get stuck mid swipe).

    What i found fixed it was some pledge made for plastic or anything that will condition the plastic will work for getting back that slick feeling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swieder View Post
    We are going to need a new design for the Pre Plus since it does not have a center button. Has anyone heard when Invisibleshield will have a protector for the Plus?
    With the invisible shield, they just wait for a model to come out and then they custom fit one for it. From there it takes about a week to get them out to all stores. Depending on the popularity of the phone, it may show up prior to launch, or just after.
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    I vote for InvisibleSkin too - they are cut out superexact (takes longer to fit, but is worth the effort).
    They are a bit rubbery at the beginning but after a few days of use it gets less and less - also reduces fingerprints a lot!
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    I think it's alwasy best to be safe than sorry. I might be a bit over protective, but I love my Pre and the screen on mine has never been touched. I use a Skinomi TechSkin which I think offers excellent protection. I choose this skin because: TechSkin is made from the same film material used to protect luxury cars, military aircrafts, and NASA space shuttles. The film’s “self healing” technology makes it immune to scratches and virtually indestructible. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. I highly recommend this skin. Skinomi TechSkin - Gadget and Cell Phone Screen Protectors, Skins, Cases, Shields, Covers
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    YES! I've never been a fan of the screen protectors but a couple of weeks ago I accidentally put my Pre in my jacket - along with my keys. Luckily the scratches are above the viewable screen (near the speaker) but I would feel really bad if it actually got scratched up in a viewable area.

    I did also have a line going down towards the middle that wasn't too noticeable, but now with the Invishield, I don't see the middle line and I definitely won't be getting any more scratches on the screen.

    If only I bought it as soon as I got my Pre - then I would be saying "I use Invishield - and I don't have a scratch!"
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    Also, I opted to go to the mall myself and have it installed by the Invishield guys, who did a great job. Took 30 mins (mostly drying time) but it is was installed perfectly.
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    I put a Zagg's shield on my Pre the day I got it and I was glad that I did, couple days later I was getting out of my car and forgot that my phone was on my lap, slid on the asphalt face down. Picked it up, no scratches on my screen. A few days after installing the invisibleshield, it dried out and was smooth to the touch, no rubbery feel at all.
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    I use the Zagg skin and I'm reasonably happy with it. My only complaint is that it starts to collect dirt around it's edges over time, which really makes the phone look ugly. So I also put a Seido Innocase over top of that. It took some pulling and tugging, but I was able to get it in place over top of the screen's skin. I'm happy with it now. Looks nice and has a good feel in my hand.

    I do think the screen looks and feels nicer without the skin. I'm clumsy though, and the scratches I've put in previous device's screens have driven me nuts.
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