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    Hey everyone,

    I have the touchstone issue that many around here have had. I put the phone on the touchstone at night, it indicates that it's charging and when I wake up in the morning the phone is either dead or very close.

    I have read numerous posts on the problem and know that it can be anything from a faulty back to the phone, defective touchstone itself, maybe installed patches (I have a few) or even the 2 little connectors on the back of the phone.

    I called palm today and told them of my issue. First the rep told me that I'm not supposed to put the phone on the touchstone AND plug it in at the same time......Wow. I indicated to him that, that would defeat the purpose of having a touchstone in the first place and that I hadnt been. He told me that they can not send a new back and touchstone. They can only send me one or the other and told me that I needed to go into a sprint store and try one of their touchstones and also a new back to figure out which one was the problem. I explained to him that my phones battery seemed to discharge during the night and that I would probably have to spend all day at a sprint store to determine what the issue was. He again told me that he was not able to send both a touchstone and back plate, he could only do one or the other. *sigh*

    So, for about the last 13 hrs I have had my phone next to me sitting on the touchstone and it has not discharged at all. Even though the last 4 mornings the phone has been either completely dead or very close.

    The touchstone was bought through the accessory store at precentral about 2 mos ago and it should still be under warranty through Palm.

    Looking for opinions on what to do from here because spending several hours at a sprint store watching my phone on another touchstone just doesnt make sense to me.
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    I have had very good results with Sprint Corporate Stores. I setup an appointment online with them. Then go in and show them the problems I am having and let them tell me what they can do.

    If the Touch Stone is a PALM logo part, then I would just take it in and explain the problem. If they ask where you bought it, tell the truth. If they don't ask, don't tell.

    They have replaced, free of charge, 3 car chargers, the Palm charge cable (because it stopped working for USB connections.) and 2 phones. One had a bad power button, the replacement developed a crack at the charger connector.

    I did purchase my parts at the corporate store, but I have gotten my money's worth.
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    Have palm send you a touchstone. Best Buy has the back covers for $14.99/30 day return. Hopefully it's the back cover that is bad, you'll have two touchstones. And you can return the cover if the touchstone is bad. You might try bending the little contacts on the cover. Good luck

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