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    been postponing the purchase of a rubber case for my pre. I want to be able to carry it clipped to a belt, but dont want to use the cheesy snap-on plastic one. I want to use a leather case that holds the pre with the rubber Innocase on it.

    Is anyone using such a thing? I dont want to carry my rubberized pre in my pocket.

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    I use the Seidio extended battery, innocase and belt holder. So far I've been very happy. The belt holder has been the biggest help in keeping the pre safe. I've dropped my pre a few times and the innocase has helped up fine, didn't break apart & my pre isn't damaged.

    I'd say both the case & belt holder are necessary. Especially when one considers how much the Pre costs, and you don't have insurance on it, like me.
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    i was trying to stay away from a holster. Reminds me of the days when we all clipped our phones to our belts thanks to that large button that was stuck to the 1 cent Nokia's we used to get for free in the 90's.

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