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    this i think is obvious it will happen. just putting it out there so someone with the skills will make it happen!

    i have never used an iphone, and only played with an ipod touch just a little. but playing the games with the tilt and on screen buttons is "ok"

    the pre in my opinion has already proven to be a serious competitor in terms of what someone can do with this phone, software and hardware.

    my wish (if i had the skills, id do it!) is someone to tether a wii remote, or some other bluetooth game controller to control these games that will be coming out.

    i played doom on here just the other day, the buttons suck for navigating around. and with the precious screen space, on screen buttons would rob us of a better experience.

    just voicing a desire and opinion. im sure it will happen sooner or later.

    that is all...
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    the iphone can connect to the wii controller through bluetooth. It won't be long before we get it too.
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    is that with a jailbroken iphone? doesnt matter really. i know it will get done on the pre, its just a matter of time.

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