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    I've been looking at bluetooth speakers such as Blueant M1 but then realized, my Bose computer speakers are amazing and while at times I plug in the headphone jack to the Pre, I'd like if I could make the Bose wireless. Is there any type of bluetooth adapter that would be able to hook into the secondary jack on my Bose and feed from there?
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    yep I use a Motorola DC800 blue tooth transceiver downstairs to connect my Pre to my home stereo and upstairs I have a a Sony HWS-BTA2W that connects to the stereo in my room.So I can listen to anything on my Pre from you tube to pandora without wire's and the sound is great
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    i have a sony erricson hbh-ds 205. Its a A2DP stereo reciever with headphone jack and this plugs into my home stereo amp.

    the nice thing is it can be also used as bt-headset with standard headphone using its own buildin mic.

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