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    Quote Originally Posted by gollyzila View Post
    Customer service is great though. I'm going to get my 4th free replacement soon.
    Golly, What ever happened to the three strike rule? I gave up immediately. CS not good in my situation. Like I said, two weeks and still waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gollyzila View Post
    Customer service is great though. I'm going to get my 4th free replacement soon.
    Glad to see someone had success with the customer service. I was less fortunate. I bought one, and the case came out of the packaging with tabs already broken off. Contacted the seller, was told to contact Seidio, contacted Seidio, was told to contact seller and get it replaced. After the back and forth, I gave up and threw the thing away never to deal again with them.
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    Yeah I'm not having any luck with Seidio CS at all. I've bought so much stuff from them in the past and I was a huge fan up till now I have a blue Innocase that I got from a 3rd party seller on eBay that was fine for a few months and now the back portion has two broken tabs on the left side. I have it stuck on with a couple glue-dots but it's creaky as hell. I contacted Seidio and was pretty much told where to stick it.

    Doubt I'll be buying from them again any time soon.
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    My Innocase lasted 5 weeks before one of the tabs broke off the top half. After that, it just wouldn't stay on. I continued to use the bottom half for another three weeks until I finally went to the Seidio web site and RMA'd the case for a replacement. It cost me about $3 to send the old one back via USPS; the replacement arrived in about a week.

    @everyone reporting CS problems:
    Did you use the RMA request form at the Seidio web site, or did you try to play email or phone tag? I had no problems with CS issuing the RMA once I submitted a request via the form and emailed them a scan of my purchase receipt.

    As for the tab problem, I think that it's a design issue--more tabs and wider tabs would both distribute the stress on the case parts more widely. Four tabs in the current widths just aren't enough--the stress is too focused for the strength of the case material.

    Anyway, I'm giving the new case to my wife--it's not compatible with the Amzer gooseneck car holder that I use (and love), so it's become superfluous to me. I'm going "naked" with a Skinomi to protect the screen, and use the OEM microfiber case to protect the Pre's case from scratches in my pocket.
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    And this is why I got the AGF GRT case, and I luff it. It is amazing...
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    Ok, just yesterday, I had a tab break on the front faceplate. This is my second case. I really like it, the feel and sleek design. But this is rediculous. I mean, if they break this easily, then WHY are they $30? I don't want to pay $30 every 3 to 4 months to protect my phone. I want some thing to last!

    I emailed customer service yesterday regarding the issue. Here's what they said.

    Hello Reginald,

    We are sorry to hear about the troubles that you are having with your Innocase. All of our products are warranted for 180 days from the date of purchase. If you are within that period, there are a couple of options depending on where the item was purchased:

    If your product was purchased through our online store, Please fill out a request for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) online. You can find the link RMA REQUEST FORM. The RMA Department will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

    If you are an end-user and product was purchased from an authorized reseller and no longer within the resellerís warranty. Please complete this form with our Warranty Department a copy of the original sales receipt or proof of purchase is required.

    In the meantime, if there is anything else you need, you can contact the Customer Service Department at

    Your business and continued satisfaction is of great importance to us here at Seidioonline Customer Service, so feel free to contact us at (832) 204-1118 with any questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Seidioonline Customer Service
    So basically, I'm out of the 180 day period. I bought my last case in April (and yes, I'm surprised it even lasted that long compared to others). I WILL NOT spend another $30 for this case to have the same thing happen. I will take one at reduced price, or free for that matter.

    I also looked at this case here. However, I'm not the phone-in-pocket type of individual. I like to have mine in a holster on my side all the time. So are there any nice and durable cases that would work with a holster that any of you all know about? I'd love some opinions on this matter! Thanks!
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    Just an FYI. Received two Seidio cases and within days the tabs were broken or worn and the top (the one that goes around the screen) just kept falling off. I'd take the phone out of my pocket and it would come apart in my hand. My wife took the face plate and spot glued it with Super Glue to the phone. It's been two weeks with no problems and the phone is protected. Glad i didn't pay $30.00 for the case.
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