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    When I bought my Pre, they told me at the Sprint store to only use a Sprint Palm Pre Authorized charger because others have been known to cause problems/damage to the Pre. Is this true?

    Seeing that everything is going to the micro usb plug, do I have to stay with using ONLY my Palm Chargers or can I use other ones? I have a bluetooth headset with the same plug and it would be nice if I didn't have to have two chargers plugged in. ....or if I go to someone's house and my phone needs a charging, can I use their charger, even though it might be for a totally different phone. Then on the flip side, should it be ok to use my Palm charger to charge things like my bluetooth headset, etc?? Sitting at my desk, I normally, just use my USB cable to charge the pre and that's where I'd probably also charge my headset.

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    Does anyone else use any other charger for their Pre? Or has anyone used any other charger with luck. When I say "any other charger" I am referring to any micro usb that isn't from Sprint or Palm.
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    I went to there different sprint stores to purchase a new charger, finally the third store was able to help me. They sold me a motorolla charger and told me that they have had better luck with it, and it is cheaper. So far so good, although it only has the micro adapter to plug into the pre, it seems to charge my pre pretty fast. The drawback is that the charger doesn't have the usb end to connect to the computer. It seems to work well as a secondary charger, I also love that the cable is longer than the pre charger.
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    When I was on the road last month, while packing my touchstone, I forgot to take the charger portion that plugs into the wall. Since I was going to be gone for a week, I decided to hit the Shack and purchase another Palm wall charger, unfortunately they only had an off brand USB wall charger, so I went ahead and purchased it thinking they were all the same, but when I got back to my hotel room and plugged it in it would not run my Touchstone charger. Took it back and got a refund.
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    The touchstone I believe requires the Palm charger, but I've charged my Pre via USB from a motorola car adapter, USB from computer, and a Blackberry Micro USB wall charger with no issues at all.
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    The problems (slow charging) arise if the charger cannot supply the necessary current. If your charger is only rated at 500mA it's not enough. Needs to be 1A. (That's why the PC USB is slow.)
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    I have used generic USB/micro USB cables to charge from the PC, a Belkin surge protector that has a USB port, and a T-mobile branded car charger all without issue.
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