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    Anyone had success with the above stereo headset? I just purchased one this evening and while the phone audio seems to get pumped to the headset just fine, other audio - such as from the music player - does not. The headset controls can actually control the music player just fine (volume, fordward/reverse, play/pause) but no sound can be heard.

    My phone is running WebOS 1.3.5.
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    We've got three pair of them in the house. I use mine on both my Pre, Hero and laptop (pay attention to pairing sequence when using multiple devices). Another is paired to a Pre only. The third paired with a feature phone and gaming device. All three headsets work great. The first one worked so well other family members wanted them. Occationally, I've had to turn bluetooth off and back on because only the headset profile was active. When you conecting to your phone you should hear two separate beeps. The first establishes the headset & handsfree use. The second A2DP for all your other audio. Always wait for the second beep before doing anything. If you don't get it. Remove the device from your list on the Pre and re-pair. It will setup one device but with a 2 profiles/connections (again TWO sets of beeps) each with a separate symbol next to the one headset name on the bluetooth preferences screen.
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