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    Anyone tried this? I think for $6 I will give it a try. - Rosewill RCP-32TU Cigarette Dual USB Car Charger

    Tech Specs:
    Input Voltage: DC 12-24V
    Output Voltage: 5V
    Output Current: 1A

    I know it's a double, but it says on the Rosewill info page:
    Output Current 1A for 1 USB, 500mA for 2 USB

    So I would think for just charging 1 Pre (with or w/o touchstone) it would work. Any thoughts?
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    After trying 4 different chargers with NO success, I can tell you to save your money and effort and buy the Palm Car Adapter. It works like a charm with my touchstone in the car.
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    I bought a cheapy off of E-bay for like 5 bucks and it works perfectly. It feels flimsy and it says it's made for the iphone but like I said charges perfectly fine. I guess I got lucky. I dont remember the brand specifically but next time I go out to my car I
    ll take a peek and post back here.
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    Ebay also has many Pre specific car chargers for <$10.

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