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    I received Motorola S9-HD headphones for Christmas and I was curious how their usage drained the battery. Given that my extended usage would be during airplane flights, I tested in Airplane mode, which also had the benefit of isolating the drain to video or audio playback. For comparison, I also tested wired headphones so that I could understand the impact of using Bluetooth. Because I will need to call my wife once I land, I determined available usage at 20% remaining battery. (I'd be in trouble if I needed to recharge before calling home)

    Video Playback Results:
    Bluetooth 0.50% per min or 30% per hour which equates to 2.7 hours
    Wired headphones 0.44% per min or 26% per hour which equates to 3 hours
    Therefore, Bluetooth usage only costs me about 20 minutes of video usage.

    Audio Playback Results (Screen off):
    Bluetooth 0.22% per min or 13% per hour which equates to 6.2 hours
    Wired headphones 0.14% per min or 8% per hour which equates to 9.8 hours
    Therefore, Bluetooth usage costs me about 3 1/2 hours of audio usage but in reality I would never be on a flight over 6 hours so it is really irrelevant.

    Are these results supported by your real world experiences?
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    interesting test, I was always wondering how much bluetooth could impact battery life since I use Pandora by pairing it with my car's bluetooth kit so the music and phone calls are heard through my car speakers.

    it does kill my battery pretty quick but not as ridiculously quick as I thought it'd be; but now that I got my car charger I don't worry about my battery

    so yea, this DOES support my real life experience, good job man

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