I purchased a Pre near the beginning of December and received the Touchstone charging kit for xmas. Not having to fiddle with that silly USB door just to charge is great, however... It's the new back case that is really the godsend for me as it turns out.

The phone feels "tighter" with the new back case - more solid, less squeaks. The Pre suddenly feels like it has a better build quality to it.

Also, while my phone did NOT have an "oreo" problem it still had a bit more of a "jiggle" between the two parts than I thought necessary. The new back has reduced this, as well, to a more expected level.

I noticed that the interior of this new case back has a couple additional raised areas in the molding for added "support". I think it's these new, internal protrusions that help eliminate the squeakiness and reduce the "flexing" of the phone.

The resistance to fingerprints is a nice advantage, too. :-)