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    I'm looking at getting a car kit and was wondering if anyone had experience with both the SP700 and Cruiser from Jabra.

    Other than about $20-30, there doesn't seem to be a huge difference in what they can do with a Pre. That makes me lean toward the SP700. Are there any benefits to the Cruiser that make it worth the extra cash?

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    I am in the same boat - debating between these two.
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    I believe the difference in the Jabra Cruiser and SP700 is that the Cruiser has dual microphones which provides better noise reduction during calls.

    I haven't used the SP700 but I can say that the Cruiser is awesome. No one complains that they can't hear or understand me while I'm using it. And it sounds great on my end, too.
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    T505 works great for me...
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    I ave the sp700 and I love it! Cheap, you can get it on ebay for 39.99 shipped and it has great volume, very clear for both me and the one I'm talking to. Love the ad2p ability as I like to stream internet radio, so it transfers to the sp700 and then I turn on the fm modulator and it sends it to the car stereo...simply awesome

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    The Jabra is great my buddy has one
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    I bought a SP700 on Amazon for about $ was a bulk one but came with a car charger. It pairs and connects easily. I will say sometimes when Im running Pandora via FM Transmitter, I have to pause and restart a song because every once in a while it will just cut out. Not a big deal once you get use to it. ALSO, both your Pre and the Jabra charge via micro USB port which is really convenient.

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