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    so it charges, then it stops, that on and off within a second thing... any help?
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    Is this a new problem with a touchstone you've had for a while, or with a new touchstone kit? If it's the latter, it could be a problem with any part of set up - the touchstone itself, the cable, the touchstone back or the outlet. If you do a search you'll find threads on various touchstone problems and fixes. For example, here is one thread where these issues were talked about, with some troubleshooting suggestions.

    I had two touchstones and on one of them, the phone did exactly what yours is doing. I wanted a third one anyway, and grabbed the discounted kit at Radioshack, on sale for $39.99. On a hunch, I put the new touchstone back on. It worked perfectly on all three touchstones. It also works with the Sprint hard snap on case. So it might be a faulty touchstone back. The only way to find out is to try the touchstone with a different back/phone. Good luck.

    Addendum: Check out this thread
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    you can take it back to sprint and they will replace it. Mine was doing the exact same thing and it was a brand new kit.
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    Had the same problem. I removed the back cover and found two tiny contacts that have to properly contact the back cover. I used a small pin and pulled them up slightly. The improved contact to the back cover solved the problem. Works every time now.

    The only issue I have is that after a few months the Pre seems much more sensitive to exactly how and where it is placed on the touchstone.

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