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    Hey guys. I've never owned a Bluetooth headset before, and I asked for and received the Plantronics 975 Voyager for Christmas.

    I was expecting to be able to listen to Pandora and anything else from my phone with my headset, but now I'm not sure if that's even possible. Another reason I wanted it was to pair it with my work computer to listen to music (not receive calls) while at work.

    Is either of those possible with this headset? Is that possible with any headset? Thanks in advance for anyone's help
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    Most Bluetooth headsets do not support music, and I don't believe the Plantronics 975 Voyager does either. There are some that do, but you have to specifically get one designed to do that. They will say if they support music, typically they say they support the Bluetooth A2DP profile, and usually they will be stereo capable (two earpieces) as well (although there are a couple with only a single earpiece).
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    I've got this headset and no it does not do music. For a bluetooth headset, the call quality is amazing. It is also the most comfortable headset I've ever owned.

    As far as one that will also do music, there are quite a few. I got the Plantronics backbeat 906 for christmas and it is great!

    Precentral recently posted a review

    MSPR is $100 for the 903 and $130 for the 906. Only difference being the 906 comes with a dongle that allows anything with a headphone jack to be connected, which would allow connection to your work pc assuming it does not have bluetooth (I got the 906 for $71 at newegg, not sure what the current price is.)

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    Are there anymore bluetooth headsets that will play music?
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    I got the Plantronics 903 Stereo Headsets and it works great with the Palm Pre.
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    Are there any single earpiece music playing headsets?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ooneyus View Post
    Are there any single earpiece music playing headsets?

    Because this is exactly what i am trying to find out
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    There's a few, but not many I think. Check out the Plantronics Voyager 855.

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