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    i have the seidio innocase (sp?) and just got the touchstone for christmas. however, the phone doesnt charge with the case on the phone. ive been looking online and cant really find anything that looks good thats compatible with the touchstone. what do you guys have?
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    I'd like to know if anyone has found a case that works with the touchstone yet? I'd sure like to get a cool case but I love the touchstone!
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    The Sprint hardcover case works with the touchstone. It is not what you'd call good looking. But it eliminates the oreo effect. Some people had trouble getting it to work on their touchstones. It works perfectly on all three of mine. There is a lot of discussion about it here.
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    I agree -- the Sprint case works well and feels very solid. I did end up having to return my first one, as well as my first 3 Touchstones, but now everything works perfectly and I'd recommend the case. (The case wasn't even the problem initially, but the guy at the Sprint store wasn't very flexible.) And, I actually think the case looks pretty decent.
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    I hope that more cases come out that are Touchstone compatible. I prefer a leather flip case.
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    Verizon sells it's own variant of the Sprint Hard Case, but it has a complete cutout for the touchstone. Could be better for charging at the expense of somewhat less protection. I have the Sprint Hard Case which charges fine, but only connects loosely to the touchstone magnet. You can search for:

    "Verizon's hard case get's it right!"

    to find out more.
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    I thought the Innocase does work with the touchstone?

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