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    If anyone else was looking, I found the casemate palm pre naked case on casemate's website in stock, for $9.99 and free shipping. (about $20 cheaper than the store here and in stock)
    here's the url if you don't wanna look it up
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    Actually its $7.00 cheaper than the Precentral store. It looks like it pretty much sucks if you read the reviews. 2 stars.

    Personally since I am not cheap and I like to support Precentral, I would buy it here if I was going to. To each his own.
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    hmmm...$27.99 and 4 star rating???
    I wanna shop at your store if $9.99 and $27.99 is $7 difference lol
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    it does suck the screen bubbles up
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    Ha, I just bought this today at Best Buy for $11.00. It's cool but it does feel like the screen "bowls inward". Maybe just the higher edges surround it I will have to get use to.

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