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    i bought 3 touchstones as gifts on cyber monday and gave them last friday. it looks like one of them is a deffective unit with the "ding" problem. i know most people say they just go to the sprint store and exhange it for a new one. will sprint accept my exchange from amazon or do i have to send it back?

    just looking for other peoples experiences if they have sent back a defective ts to amazon
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    +1 i would also like to know this aswell as i have bought a touchstone from amazon and wondering if i can take it to sprint and get a new one from them
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    I took my defective Amazon TS to my local Sprint store. I described the problem - ding at 100% over and over. He searched for my "purchase" information on the computer and asked if I had bought it in the store. I said 'No, I ordered it online'. He went into the back and came out with a new one.

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