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    Is anyone aware of any damage caused to the palm pre by using the touchstone charger?
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    ... no. why would you ask?
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    I had locked my phone,then placed it on the touchstone to charge it. after my nap i went to use my phone and typed in the pin code and could not unlock the phone. I took it to the sprint repair center and they were unable to unlock my phone or reset the pin. they advised me that recently they have had some pre users bring in their phones and they told me that the touchstone had "burned" the phone. Now I'm leary on using it. I love the touchstone charger but don't want to use it if its damaging the phone.
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    I've been using it for a few weeks and haven't noticed anything wrong. I like the texture of the Touchstone back cover better than the glossy original one.

    I had one that would top off my battery and stop charging for a few minutes. Then it would top it off again and make the charging battery noise each time. I took that Touchstone back to Best Buy and works just fine now.

    Have you heard of any other problems in particular?
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    I don't lock my phone so I'm not familiar with that.
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    I havent heard of anything. thats why when i took my phone to the sprint repair store and I couldnt unlock the phone it suprised me. luckily they replaced my phone for free
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    Fyi though, they told me that if you forget your unlock Pin number they cannot unlock your phone. They told me that they use to be able to unlock the phone when an "UNLOCK" code was used but since "PIN" codes are being used now they are not able to unlock the phone. They said its an added security feature if you ever lose your phone since nobody would be able to take the phone to an authorized dealer to have the phone unlocked and then use it.
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    The only problem I have ever had is on occasion it seems to suck the charge from the battery instead of charge it. However, I assume you did have a charge on your phone.
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    o yes i had a charge on my phone
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    I just bought a TS and so far so good. Only minor annoyance is the screen stays lit after it is fully charged. I am worried it will burn the screen.
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    For what it's worth, I've had my Pre for six months and it has been spending most of its time sitting on a TS charger (I have 3). No problems so far.
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    I have been using a touchstone for a month no complaints whatsoever. I am kicking myself for not getting one when i got my pre (instead of after I lost the annoying charger flap)

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