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    My touchstone dings every 15 sec after battery reaches 100%. Called Palm and they had me go through diagnostics, etc. Things checked out OK, but continued to have this problem. From reading other posts it seemed mine was bad. Today I got my second Pre (because of a usb stress crack) and also received a new touchstone and back.
    The touchstone still does this after 100% charge! The only thing that is still original is the battery. Has Palm or anyone figured out what is going on? This is really a drag.
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    Happens to me too. It's the actual puck, mine stops beeping if i put a piece of paper in between the puck and the pre. Horrible fix i know... but it works for me.
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    I thought it was me. The Sprint store yesterday gave me 3 new touchstone pucks (I own 3) to see if a new puck would stop this and no such luck. All 3 pucks and I still cannot charge the phone via touchstone

    My problem started with the 100% behavior but now it simply cycles through a charge/no charge state and the thing "dings" constantly while it cycles.

    Tried all the tips Palm suggest, reset, pull battery, interactive tests, reset back, even a slip of paper. I can find spots where the phone sticks but no charging but in any position where charging begins, it always now cycles on and off. I'm unable to find a spot on the touchstone that charges the phone like t did for months with no problems.

    Have no idea what changed and its annoying.
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    I wonder what percentage of people are having this problem? It would seem to be a pretty big deal - this technology doesn't seem to be working. Is Palm addressing this?
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    Have you tried making sure you have a 'heavy duty' connection cord? I had to buy a higher quality connection but it solved this issue.
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    If by "connection cord" you mean the usb power adapter, all 3 of mine are Palm originals that work just fine when plugged into the phone.
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    My phone lives on the Touchstone during work day when I working at my desk and I have not heard any tones when phone is fully charged. The only time I do get beeps is when I put the Pre on the stone in the wrong place, but just moving it to the sweet spot stops the beeping. The two units I have were bought when the Pre just came out and Palm may have made modifications to the newer Touchstones.
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    Like resturg, my Pre used to live on a Touchstone all day at work until it stopped charging. My Pre and Touchstones are all from June (well, the pucks were just replaced yesterday but that didn't chage anything).

    If I knew anyone else with Pre I could see if they can charge on my Touchstones and see just what is "broken", the Touchstone or my phone.

    But where I could just pop the phone onto the touchstone and it'd stick and charge now I can fiddle and fiddle and not find a spot where it's charge without cycling on and off.
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    Have you checked how well the contacts are touching the touchstone backshell of the Pre? If they don't make good contact, it's a high resistance point and can cause the on/off syndrome (not the only thing that can cause it, but one of them).

    My wife's Pre had this problem until I slightly bent the contacts up and made better contact. Not a problem since then.

    (These contacts carry the charging current from the coil of the backshell to the internal charging circuit in the main Pre circuitry)
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    Tried that and so far it works; the unit is charging at my desk for the first time in days successfully. I used a business card to slightly open the contacts up and so far it seems to have done the trick.

    Frankly, even though I've had the back off a lot I never noticed the contacts or else forgot they were there.
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    I also lifted the contacts up VERY gingerly and it isn't dinging after 100% ! These contact are on the phone, the ones on the back cover can't be moved. We'll see how it goes. Thanks.
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    Well that didn't last long. It started dinging again. I even tried a piece of paper which was suggested above - but no luck. Could it be triggered by a heat related thing?
    Whatever it is, the touchstone is not usable after the battery reaches 100%, which means you can't leave it on the touchstone all night or for any long periods of time.
    Not sure what to do now.
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    Sorry that didn't work but my issue resolved completely and it's been on the touchstone at 100% all night and no dinging, plus it picks right up on the sweet spot and charges like a champ.

    All because somehow those contacts were no longer making contact with the charging back.

    Hopefully the fix for yours will be as simple.
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    When charging on the touchstone my pre was cycling around to indicate battery charging and making a corresponding sound. At 100% charge it was continuous cycling. This could not be the proper operation for the pre and touchstone.

    Looking for a solution it seems others also have this problem as well. On one website, I found someone with a suggested fix that works. It also perhaps suggests to the techies what is the cause so Palm can fix this problem. Anyway, the fix is to place a piece of paper folded so that it is four sheets thick between the pre and the touchstone unit. With that additional spacing/separation/insulation the pre seems to charge without a problem on the touchstone. Now the touchstone works as advertised.

    I am currently experimenting with placing the paper inside the cover over the battery so that I don't have to position a folded sheet of paper each time. This has yet to work but I will keep experimenting.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Also how can we get this type of feedback to Palm? Text chat with their technical support was less than satisfying.
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    Our family has a total of 4 TS chargers and this has never happened.
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    I have 3 touchstones. 1 of them is in my car. I own the Pre and Pixi, and all 3 touchstones worked perfectly with my pre, however 1 touchstone that is in my office experienced the cycling issue with the Pixi only. I tried a different ts back on the pixi and it didn't help. In my case it was DEFINITELY the touchstone itself.
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    I tried fixing this problem by moving one of the coils inside the touchstone slightly. Didn't fix it. Will try the other coil over the next couple of days.

    But I did take lots of photos of the surgery:

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    The problem began for me when I bought one of the Sprint cases that has a circular depression on the back to allow it to be placed on the touchstone. I found a patch for this problem, but then it quit working alltogether. Removing the patch got it going again.

    I then applied the patch that turns off the sound while charging and that seems to have partially solved the problem.
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    It looks like I am still getting the continual notifications after reaching 100% charge on the touchstone. Did the update fix this problem for anyone?
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    I had the same issue and returned my TS to Amazon.They sent me a new one. It seems to be working fine now.
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