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    I am still having this problem with my touchstone too. Update did not seem to help and neither did lifting the prongs. Seems my TS will be heading back to Precentral.
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    Hi All,

    Got mine on the 22nd of Dec. Started "Bing-Bonging" on reaching 100% and the rest ...

    Checked the Net, and noted that it was a common problem, recommendation was to have it replaced ...

    Took it to a differnet "O2" shop to avoid getting a replacment from a "bad batch" ...

    The replacement is working as it should.
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    I have 2 TS's. One at home, one at work. My home one has NEVER done this. My work one constantly does.
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    My new palm pre with new touchstone from amazon exhibits this behavior. It charges fast and perfect but when hits 100% i get the annoying repeat notifications every 15 seconds and the clock doesnt stay on
    Im going to send the touchstone back and thinking about ditching the pre altogether until they fix this crap
    unacceptable in my opinion
    anyone got any advice or is it a defective touchstone
    i checked contacts and those work as it is charging fine and fast, tried the BS paper between pre and touchstone trick which obviously didnt do anything
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