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    Hi all
    New to this, had my pre for 2 days and love it!
    Got a touchstone with the phone and works well untill my phone reaches 90% then it beeps every 2 secounds or so saying charging, which to say the least is annoying. If the phone is put on the touchstone with 20% no problems, just when it hits 90% beep beep beep!
    Any ideas?
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    There is a patch available that disables the charging beep, so that would be at least a workaround for now.
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    Sounds like a problem with the Touchstone. I assume you looked around and found the similar problems (beeping all the time and stuff). Try those fixes, and if it continues, just have Palm (or the store where you bought it) swap out the Touchstone for a new one.

    There are suggestions of trying different electrical sockets, swapping the cables, etc. You may find that it works, but I doubt it.

    I bought two touchstones, and one was perfect, the other had the beeping/charging every 2 seconds. I could actually HEAR the bad one buzz when it charged, and since I had two I knew it wasn't right. The other was flawless. Palm was great and exchanged it no problem. Had a new one in 2 days, and then sent back the broken one.

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