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    I started a post a few weeks asking about the invisible shield and proximity sensor...

    I donno if my proximity sensor is more sensitive than other pres out there but i m unable to use the pre as a phone after i applied the skin. as soon as I dial a number the screen turns off and would not turn on again even when the person on the other end has hung up. The only way to restart is to remove the battery.

    DOes anyone have the same problem??
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    I've never skinned my Pre so can't say, but if you think that's the problem you could always just remove the skin from the small portion of the front where the proximity sensor's located and see if the problem gets cured that way. If I recall correctly it's just to the right of the earpiece speaker; you can pick it out in direct sunlight but I haven't got any of that handy here to confirm...

    Just read the thread you linked. Uhm, why'd you start this one again if you'd already asked AND received good answers???
    Yeah, uhh... it's Kevin. (KevinT was already taken.)

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