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    I read all the Boxwave threads and did not see an answer to this question. I installed the Boxwave Cleartouch clear screen protector yesterday. The larger one of the two that came in the package. The edges do not really adhere very well, because of how the face of the Pre curves away near the edges. I have read of some similar complaints, including how lint may get trapped under the edges over time. The Boxwave website says that over time (about a week), the screen protector will conform to the shape of the pre and the edges will stick better. I have not seen in any posts where anyone has confimed or denied whether that happens over time. What is the experience of users of this screen protector, do the edges stick better over time?

    I installed the smaller protector that comes in the package on my Wife's Pre and because it is a little smaller, it does not have the same problem, but I like the size of the larger one better.
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    Its been two weeks, so let me report back my experience. The edges of the larger screen protector never changed from the day I installed it. The screen protector never conformed to the edges of the Pre like the Boxwave website said they would. No change over time. What did happen was the edges began to get white from lint getting stuck under them (even though I had been mostly keeping the Pre in the sleeping bag to prevent that very same thing), until finally, something caught one of the edges and kinked it, requiring replacement. So I installed the smaller size and like I reported on my Wife's pre, it fits much better and sticks all the way to the edge of the protector.

    So, the larger ones are not very good at all and its a good thing they include one of each in the package. Although I have been using these Boxwave protectors on a few previous phones, I don't think I would continue to purchase them in the future for phones that have curved edges.

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