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    Yes, will never happen but one has to wonder. It seems a many are having usb stree cracks on their pre phones and the ony way to avoid that issue I guessing would be to use a touchstone charger.

    Might have to bite the bullet and spend the $$$ to get one and hope it in someway prevents that stress crack from appearing on the replacement sprint just sent me.

    Think the Shack (radio) had them on sale last weekend and missed that sale. If someone knows of some good prcing on one just advise

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    I agree. Using the small microUSB port for charging is a real pain, especially with my Palm Pixi. As such, I've bought two Touchstones, one for my desk at home and one for my car. Much more convenient than fumbling with the USB cable.

    I bought the first TS at the Sprint Store when I bought my phone (got 20% off on accessories) and I ordered my 2nd TS from at a discount.

    Palm Apps:

    jVault and jChecklist
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    I heard to avoid a stress crack you just keep the units keyboard out while charging.
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    Already had that crack issue along the USB and we had touchstones from day one. Still have to plug in to transfer data or other.
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    Interesting idea, had not thought of that but guess there could be design issues that result in that area of the phone being stressed if one charged it while closed. Not that such a thing should be an issue and if it was Palm darn well should have told us about it.

    Tossed in the towel and ordered a touchstone just now for $48...figured that is not the lowest price around but but what the heck. Also ordered a skinomi skin cover and standard replacement battery just for backup. Might try avoiding using the usb charger when at all possible and see if that offers me any 'insurance' as it were.

    All cost $80.10 so not too bad I figure.
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    I totally agree. I think that including touchstone with the pre would be a good sales tactic. The wireless charging concept could secure some sales. Even if they have to put part of the cost onto the phone.

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