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    I received an email from Zagg for Invisible Shields - they are having a one day 50% sale on Monday.

    So order away for your Pre, I have one, I love it (and yes, everyone has their own opinion on whether or not to use one, and then which one). This is not a political statement or meant to begin a virtuous discussion, it it just meant to advise that there is a sale for those of you who want one.

    And, look through their catalog. I'm a new owner of an Asus Netbook, concerned about dropping it while carrying around out of sleeve - they have Shields for Netbooks and Laptops. Didn't know that, I'm ordering one too.
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    We don't need a disclaimer lol Thanks for the post though, I will consider getting one. Monday you said?
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    What's the coupon?
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    First, my info posted and listed twice, computer must've burped.

    Anyway, my email had Click to Shop. I tried it, it took me to ZAGG | invisibleSHIELD | iPhone, iPod Cases, Screen Protectors, Covers, Shields, Skins, Invisible Shield. There was no coupon, code, or anything, just info listing Monday only sale.

    I had to type if netbook info, didn't know they had it.
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    I got one for Christmas -- full price, $30.00 .

    Wouldn't buy another at that price. The one I had had a flaw. $30.00 wasted.
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    Not wanting to start a fight here but. . .

    I removed my IS the other day. I use the Palm belt holster on my left since I'm left handed. The holster caused the IS to peel from from the top right corner (by the power button) from putting it in the holster. Also, the ribbon inside the case put a slight indention in the shield on the touchscreen. No damage done to the touchscreen, though. The peeling could have been install error on my part, just sharing my experience with the IS.

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