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    I want to know your thoughts on :

    Sprint Travel Charger PLUS
    This charger connects your phone to a wall power outlet for simultaneous talk and charge. The wall outlet prongs fold away for easy storage and travel. Features an internal Lithium Polymer battery for charging while on the go. Check for compatibility with devices that have a micro-USB or mini-USB connector.
    * 1000mAh Lithium Polymer Internal Battery
    * LED indicator displays internal battery charge level
    * Female USB socket for charging most Sprint devices
    * Includes 5ft USB cable with interchangeable Micro and Mini USB tips

    I bought one tonight online for charging on the go, I had a Solio Mono and it didnt work worth a damn so I returned it. But for only $5 more than the car charger why not ?

    Also bought the G/F a Pixi Body Glove Viper case, any thoughts on those ?

    Their both on Sprint website in the accessory section.
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    so..... Does it work good?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    well I was hoping for some members opinions , thats why I posted the thread !
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    Well it came today, I'll get back to you guys after Xmas. Going to give it to my girl for xmas.
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