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    I need some help from you. I suddenly have a need for a leather side case/pouch for my Pre. So which do you recommend?

    Palm Leather Side Case? Link

    Body Glove Side Case? Link

    Smartphone Experts Side Case? Link

    Personally, I like the look of the Palm one. But the review posted on the blog here at PreCentral was very glowing.

    So what have all of your experiences with these pouches been like and which do you think I should buy?

    Thanks for the help!
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    Your links are giving 404 errors. PreCentral likes to truncate long urls. You'll need to embed them for the links to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GenericMusings View Post
    Your links are giving 404 errors. PreCentral likes to truncate long urls. You'll need to embed them for the links to work.
    fixed - thanks
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    Well, I own the Palm leather case you listed. I'm quite happy with it. It takes a bit of getting used to. The phone is snug fitting into the case. There is a pull strap to slide your phone out of the case. The ribbon does fall back into the case on occasion but it's a minor inconvenience. Does a decent job as far as I can tell.
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    Yea.. I cant agree more with the Palm case.. Ive had from first week... going on 6 Mnts now... and still works great... ribbon is really easy to use... and if this case ever got lost/ruined... I wouldn't think twice getting another...

    The quality really surprised me...
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    I have the one from Seidio. Since I have a 2600 battery, my phone is fat, but thankfully they made a leather case for it. Leather feels good, and the case is very sturdy with a strong belt clip. My extended version even has a hole for the audio port. Great case!
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    Palm here too, didn't take long to get used to ribbon, i can now remove phone one handed quickly...
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    but doesn't that ribbon leave marks on the screen?
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    Has anyone used the Smartphone Experts Side Case?
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    If your Palm Pre is mostly stock; I'd vouch for the Vaja Cases for the Palm Pre. I also provided the website. Although, the prices start from $60 depending on how you customize the pouch before purchase.

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    I use a Case Logic generic cellphone case. It's clip is very strong and the only problem that I've had is that the magnet is strong enough on the clasp that I need to keep the Pre screen facing inward as I could see a small pit forming.

    The only mod I made to the case was a small opening at one end for my headphones to poke into. I don't use the slot these days since I have a bluetooth dongle, but the times that I forget to charge the dongle, the slot still comes in handy.
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    I use a generic one bought off ebay for $6.00. It has magnetic closure and best of all, belt loops along with a strong metal clip. Used them in the past and they last/work great. Best thing is the belt loops. I've used ones with just the clip and with things like winter coats, they can slip off. Don't want to lose your Pre!
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    I have the Incipio case that was reviewed by PreCentral, I really like it, but have nothing to compare it to
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    Palm side case for the perfect fit and protection. Because it is so ridgid it can be dropped and remain unharmed. The Precentral review was garbage..who wrote it Derek? it figures. He's a known Pre Hater.

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