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    I'm a new Pre user and I added a ZAGG shield to my device right away. I've been happy with it so far. I recently got an email from ZAGG about their new ZAGGsparq, which is a very high-powered portable charger and battery backup.

    Here's the web site:*

    I haven't traveled yet since I got my Pre, but based on the battery life I'm getting out of it when I've been around locally, I'm a little worried about it running out on me when I'm not close to an outlet or computer. So I was considering getting an extra battery or some sort of portable charger.

    I've checked out the ZAGGsparq online and compared its specs to other similar devices. I just purchased the ZAGGsparq based on what I found. The deciding factors were: huge battery power (6000 mAh), compact design for this capacity, no external AC adapter (it includes flip-out prongs), two USB charging ports, LED lights that show how much juice is left.

    The regular price for the ZAGGsparq is a rather steep $129.99. However, they have a $99.99 introductory offer, and either the ZAGG20 and protect20 discount codes will work to get 20% off. So my total was $79.99 - they offer free USPS shipping.

    I just thought others might like to know about it.

    *I can't post the website as a link because I don't have enough posts yet. Perhaps someone else can do it. Just add www to the beginning of what I posted above.
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    Like everything else at, the Zaggsparq is currently 50% off. This is 50% off of "introductory" price of $99.99, so it is now $50 which is a steal I think. I just wish I hadn't bought one a few days ago.

    The 50% off is only on 12/14, so hurry up.

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