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    The first service to provide touchstone compatible extended batteries to the Palm Pre/Pre+ and Pre2. Support for future devices such as the Pre3 are pending development awaiting U.S. release. More stuff to come, but more on that later ;-)

    Announcement: I am happy to announce that I have teamed up with @Garrett92C (Twitter) to bring an application version of to the HP Touchpad along with several new features too!! Very exciting stuff, stay tuned! Follow us on twitter.

    Twitter: @sburlbaw (Twitter)

    THANKS to WebOS Community: I have really enjoyed, still do, providing our community with the products and service I offer. I will continue my business until WebOS dies? I guess haha. So I wont be going anywhere anytime soon.



    Attn: WebOS enthusiasts and addicts alike :-) I have just shipped my 185th order. As a celebration of this small accomplishment for myself as well as being able to serve the WebOS community, I will be awarding my 200th customer with a nice surprise. The 200th customer will receive their order free of charge. 7/8/11: Getting really really close ;-)

    It will work like this: The 200th customer places an order through my website. Once this happens I will notify this person that they are the winner. I will then provide them with a full refund and ship out their order free of charge. Their first name and last initial will be posted on this thread for confirmation. I will also try to get a writeup from the winner once they receive their "prize". Good luck and spread the word.

    Disclaimer: If my modification bricks, ingnites, nukes, or causes any damage to your phone, I cannot be responsible for the damages, sorry...
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    This is fantastic! --will now do so myself.
    Though I must say, given my experience with the innocase extended exploding off of the phone upon the smallest collision I'm surprised it is able to balance the force of the magnet without snapping off the retention tabs
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    Well done!
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    Wow, that is awesome.

    I sooo wanna make my 2600 battery TS compatible.

    Doubt I have the skills or equipment which is a bummer...
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    Looks Great!! Let us know how the recharging goes on the larger battery.
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    Nicely done!

    I too won't even consider any aftermarket high-capacity battery until they start making Touchstone-compatible backs for them.
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    Update: Charging has worked flawlessly, I just hope my novice soldering holds up.

    For those considering doing this, all you need is a soldering kit. Two small pieces of metal, either some tape or adhesive to hold the components in the new back. And a keen eye to get the contacts to line up properly. I also used a dremel to size up the two small pieces of metal.
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    that's really nice man, good work... I had this working using a similar method but had problems with the device sliding off of the touchstone because of the extra weight. How well does yours stay connected?
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    I haven't had any problems with it sliding off. Did you transfer the magnets too?
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    yeah I did transfer the magnets but I only use my touchstone in my car, which is more vertical, so it wouldn't stay connected unless i held it.
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    I see, yeah mine is just by my bed so it doesnt move at all. Being in the car would definitely cause it to come loose
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    Oh, cool. I posted a thread a few days ago, looking into this. My Seidio batteries just came in, and I was just taking measurements for this project.

    So SBurlbaw, you do have enough room behind the battery for the induction plate? It's pretty tight between the Seidio battery & the case back. About 1mm of room. Did you pull the induction plate completely off the old Palm OEM Touchstone battery cover, or keep the shell? I'm hoping it's a simple dissection to yank it off w/o damaging it.

    I'm debating various methods to connect the contacts. I had thought about directly soldering both the back cover contacts directly to the back of the phone through two short lengths of 20AWG stranded wire with inline disconnects as the simplest method. Plenty of room under the battery to keep two short lengths of wire, and that's the quickest way to make a clean surefire connection. You *could* actually just fish the wire through the loops on the handset side. But in an effort to avoid modding the handset itself (physical mods of the handset itself always freak people out when it comes to resale, if I ever do decide to sell it), I've been toying with ways to mount posts like you had. I'll be taking an imprint of the case back this weekend, to see if I can fab a simple adapter to install right under the battery, so I can keep it neat & clean.
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    Seems that this method will not work w/ the addition of the innocase extended.
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    roygbiv Yes there is plenty of room for the induction plate, I did pull it right off of Palms OEM touchstone battery cover, all I used was a knife to get under the edges of the 'sticker' that holds the induction coil and chip to the battery cover. You have to be a little careful so dont go peeling off just one corner and pulling the whole thing off. I gently and evenly peeled it off with the knife.

    This mod was experimental since I havent seen anyone in the forums do it so it wasn't cosmetically pretty but I didnt want to spend time making it all pretty and it not work, but now that it works I probably will not go back and clean it up. I will redo everything if it stops working but for now everything has been going good almost a week later.

    Good luck and I would like to see pictures of your finished product.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dk0r View Post
    Seems that this method will not work w/ the addition of the innocase extended.
    I've found that getting good results (consistent charging w/o getting the "ding dance" with *any* case (including the "touchstone compatible" Sprint case may require making a cut-out in the back of the case for the touchstone to get close to the plate. It's just very sensitive to displacement. So, w/ the exception of that one mod, I can't see why this wouldn't work w/ the innocase extended.
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    I wish you had a shop in my town.
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    This seems incredibly easy for a manufacturer to add... why doesnt Seido just make their backs work with the Touchstone in the first place?
    Maybe YOU should open an online store and sell Induction mods to people with Fat Pre covers. THere are more than Seido now. Fommy has the 3800 ma back.
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    I just finised my mod following the above pictures. It fits and charges. We'll see how it works in the long run. My only questions going into it were what material to use and how long to make the contact extensions.
    Here are the things I tried:
    I used two peices of cut & filed thin coat hanger for the metal extensions. The difference in thickness of the cases is 7.20 mm but I found 6.72 mm worked for the extensions (plus whatever solder thickness). I used a small cut peice of cable tie end as an insulator between the two extensions. I used black plastic tape to hold everything in place but will use some type of contact cement for a permanent bond.
    Has anyone else tried this and what methods worked for you?
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    Wow this is really cool. I like it. I'd love to do this... But I'd mess it up. Is anyone willing to receive pay to do it ?
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