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    First - the good news. I recently decided to get a smartphone - yes, I'm a novice. I've gone from the iPhone to the DROID to the Samsung Omnia II to the Palm Pre and I'm done. I settled on the Pre - so far, so good. Now the bad news of a sort (minor). Am I crazy but does the Touchstone ring constantly when fully charged? Is there a setting to disable only this feature? Thanks in advance. Ken
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    Your pre should only ring once, when you first set it on the charger. There is no ring tone to indicate the pre is fully charged. Probably one of two things, either you pre is not making a good connection (is the supplied back cover on?) or you have a defective TS. Make sure your pre is in the right position on the charger (you can feel the magnet pull it to the charger). Hope this helps.
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    Hit the sweet spot on your Touchstone/Pre. It has to be placed correctly or it will not make a solid contact with the magnets. If still does it, you probably have defective one.
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    Thanks - that's what I needed to know. I'll take it back to Best Buy. It dings and tells me that it's charging every minute or so. Thanks again. Ken
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    I had the same issue. If I restarted the phone while it was on the Touchstone it stopped dinging while topping off the battery. However, I took the phone off the charger and when I put it back on I had the same problem. I think we'll be taking it back for an exchange.
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    Took it back to Sprint to check the phone which seemed to be ok. They put it on their Touchstone which seemed to be ok too. Did the exchange at Best Buy and, while it's only been a couple minutes so far, seems to be ok now - thanks y'all. Have a great day. Ken
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    Are you using the Touchstone patches?

    Official Patch Discussion

    - Craig
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    I didn't know they existed. Just got my Pre last week - this site is great, thanks. BTW, I'd like a patch that does not have a link such as "Battery Icon as Percent - replaces the battery icon in the top bar with a color-coded percentage" How can I get that? Any help is appreciated. Ken
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    I didn't know about the Touchstone patches either. Exchange at Best Buy did the trick though as everything is working fine now.

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